What is HERIZON?

HERIZON isn’t just a clothing brand, it’s a mindset! With HERIZON, everyday meets the natural world so you can be active on your own terms. “Never settle, always wander” is our mantra and we bring you the high-quality clothing to do it in, only available through Wantable. HERIZON clothing is made of so-soft and breathable fabrics that will keep you comfy whether you are hiking through gorgeous vistas or cozying up après-ski.

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Wanderlust Style

HERIZON is a clothing collection for go-getters who appreciate and respect nature. For all those take-your-breath-away moments, HERIZON will get you there in comfort and style. Even if you aren’t roaming the outdoors, our graphic t-shirts will transport you and bring that sense of adventure inside. Soft, breathable fabrics, like jersey knit, keep you cool, while our sherpa styles are so snuggly. No matter where you roam, there’s a style for you from HERIZON.

How to Style HERIZON Clothing

Ready to wander, but not sure of the best ways to wear HERIZON pieces while you do it? Here are a few tips: 

  • Adventure. Our fabrics are carefully selected so you stay comfy no matter what you’re up to. Expect stretchy-soft styles you can take outdoors and lightweight, breathable layering options.
  • Graphic style. HERIZON has tons of cute graphic t-shirts and inspirational slogan tees that you can pair with just about anything: joggers, blazers, jeans, leggings, layers – you name it!
  • Loungeworthy. You can achieve your goals even from the couch and HERIZON brings on the cozy sherpa pullovers that work so well with soft joggers.

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