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Z SUPPLY Clothing


Z SUPPLY is all about keeping it real, comfy, and effortlessly cool, with dresses, sweaters, shackets, pants, graphics and more. At the heart of Z SUPPLY are timeless wardrobe essentials that effortlessly blend soft fabrics, classic silhouettes and styles that go with everything. Picture yourself in clothes that speak to your laid-back vibe! Z Lounge is designed for those moments when you want to unwind without compromising on style. 

Z Lounge

Z Lounge by Z SUPPLY – dreamy lounge sets and pajamas to amp up your chill game. Whether it's a #StayHome day or an errand run, Z Lounge has got your comfort covered. Picture yourself in the softest fabrics and cutest prints, sipping your fave drink while feeling like a total style icon. What makes Z Lounge next level? Serious mix-and-match vibes. The pieces are designed to play well together, giving you the freedom to create your own laid-back looks. So, if you're all about making your downtime count, check out our collection of Z Lounge pieces.

How Does Z SUPPLY Fit?

Z SUPPLY helps you channel your best comfy, relaxed lifestyle! Technically, the pieces are true to size, but here's the scoop – Z SUPPLY leans into those chill, cool-girl vibes with a touch of oversized and a bit of slouchiness. Think breezy dresses, cozy shackets and laid-back tees—all designed to help you effortlessly channel your versatile, confident self. If you’re unsure about how a piece may fit you, we've got our model's stats on deck for a quick comparison! Take a peek, get a feel and embrace the comfort that comes with rocking these styles the way you want.