Sports Bras

Types of Sports Bras

Discover your perfect sports bra match with styles and support levels tailored for every workout, from low-key walks to high-energy lifts. Low-impact sports bras offer light support and freedom for activities like yoga, walking or barre, letting you move and breathe effortlessly. Amp up your intensity with high-impact sports bras designed for activities like weightlifting, running or pilates, ensuring you feel secure and ready to break a sweat. Explore our top picks like longline sports bras, open-back sports bras, and strappy back sports bras for low-impact movement, or padded sports bras, high-neck sports bras and racerback sports bras for high-impact movement.

How Should a Sports Bra Fit?

Nailing the perfect sports bra fit should be easy! Start by gauging the support level your workout demands—whether it's low, medium or high. The band and its width play a key role in support, so opt for a snug fit that doesn't hinder your breathing. For higher support, choose a wider band. Check the straps next –  they should sit comfortably without digging into your shoulders, leaving room for two fingers underneath. Lastly, ensure the cups are smooth, without wrinkles or spillage. Size down if there's extra fabric, and size up if the cups feel tight. Explore our curated sports bra collection to find your ideal support level and size—your perfect fit awaits!

What Is a High Impact Sports Bra?

Let's break it down – when we talk about impact and sports bras, it's about how your body moves, specifically your breasts. The more intense your workout, the more bounce up top, calling for some serious support. That's where high-impact sports bras shine. Tailored for energetic activities like running, weightlifting, HIIT or dancing, high-impact sports bras offer extra support with increased compression, sturdy bottom bands, thicker straps, comfy padding and secure closures. Say goodbye to bouncing and discomfort – shop our collection of sports bras to find the support and style that keeps up with your hustle.