Bootcut Jeans for Women

What Are Bootcut Jeans?

Discover the magic of bootcut jeans! Fitted at the waist and hips, they gracefully flare out from the knee down, perfect for your retro-chic era. Loved since the '60s, women’s bootcut jeans are making a comeback in a big way! Pair them with heels for a night out or rock them with sneakers for a casual day. With their ultra-flattering fit, bootcut jeans effortlessly enhance any body type and add can be easily dressed up or down.

How Long Should Bootcut Jeans Be?

Get ready to strut your stuff in figure-flattering bootcut jeans! The key to rocking them is finding the perfect length – long enough to cover your shoes, but not so long they're dragging on the ground. Aim for about an inch above the floor for that effortlessly stylish vibe. Planning on rocking heels? Add an inch or two to your usual inseam. Opting for flats? Try cropped bootcut jeans, showing off those ankles! For an extra leg-lengthening effect, go for high-waisted bootcut jeans. Your style, your rules! Shop our women’s bootcut jeans collection to find your boots’ new BFF.

How to Style Bootcut Jeans

Ready to rock those bootcut jeans? Here's how to style them like a pro:

  • Top it off: Pair slim bootcut jeans with a fitted or tucked-in top for a perfectly balanced silhouette.
  • Work it: Bootcut jeans are perfect for business casual outfits. Opt for a dark wash or black bootcut jeans and pair with pretty blouses!
  • Shoe game strong: Choose ankle boots or heels with a pointed toe for a chic look. Sneakers or sandals add a casual or boho vibe.

Want to try bootcut jeans? Our personal stylists can send you our best-selling pairs and pieces to style with them.