Sherpa Jackets

Sherpa Jackets for Women

What is a Sherpa Jacket?

Sherpa jackets are so on-trend and have often been compared to teddy bear coats and fleece jackets. This cute and cozy style is characterized by its distinctive fluffy texture similar to a sheep but is the perfect vegan alternative to wool. Although they are classically white, there are so many variations  – plaid sherpa jackets, brown sherpa jackets and even sherpa-lined jackets. They come in several different styles so you can snuggle up while still channeling your vibe: sherpa trucker jackets, sherpa vests and sherpa shirt jackets, just to name a few. There’s sure to be a perfect sherpa jacket for you!

How to Style a Sherpa Jacket

So, you have a chic sherpa jacket, but what do you pair with it? Here are some ideas:

  • Sherpa jackets typically have an on-trend boxy fit, so wearing a slim fitting bottom (like skinny jeans or leggings) will balance your proportions to perfection.

  • Let your sherpa jacket shine by wearing it over some classic staple pieces, like a basic tee and straight-leg jeans.

  • Keep the cozy vibes going by snuggling up even more with a pair of joggers.

For more styling advice, peep some timeless style tips or try getting professionally styled by one of our Wantable stylists!

How to Wash a Sherpa Jacket

Before cleaning any garment, including sherpa jackets, you will want to check the care directions on the garment tag. Follow those instructions if available, but if not, here's the best way to wash a sherpa jacket! Be sure you are using a mild detergent whether your sherpa jacket is real or faux, spot clean tougher stains, then use the gentle cycle on your washing machine. Once your sherpa jacket has been washed, air dry it on a rack or line, then run your fingers through the fabric to keep it looking fluffy and pristine.