Muk Luks

Muk Luks Slippers

About Muk Luks

The first Muk Luks slipper socks were made in 1972 and the company has been crushing the cozy trend since! They focus on a vintage-meets-modern vibe with fun patterns and colors for that touch of individuality. Muk Luks doesn’t just make slipper socks – they have a wide range of snuggly footwear including booties, cabin socks, knee-high socks and classic slippers. Most pairs of Muk Luks slippers are also outdoor-friendly so you can grab the mail or walk the dog without having to swap shoes. What’s even better is that Muk Luks is all about community love, giving back locally and nationally. Now that's what we call feel-good fashion!

Bestseller: Muk Luks Amira Slippers

There is no question why the Muk Luks Amira slippers are a bestseller – they are the definition of comfort goals! With their plush faux fur lining and cushioned footbed, your feet will feel like they're on a fluffy cloud. They are a full bootie so your feet will always stay cozy no matter the temp AND you can wear them both inside and outdoors. The Amira slippers are the ultimate combo of style and snuggliness with their cute pom pom details and fun pattern choices. Whether you're chilling at home, sippin' on your favorite latte or having a movie marathon, these slippers got you covered.

Do Muk Luks Run True to Size?

Yes! Muk Luks slippers, boots and socks do run true to size. Muk Luks only come in whole sizes, so if you are a half size, we suggest sizing up. Check out this easy size chart:

  • Small: 5-6
  • Medium: 7-8
  • S/M: 5-7
  • Large: 9-10
  • X Large: 11-12
  • L/XL: 8-10