Fresh Florals

Fun Floral Dresses

Year-Round Floral Print

While floral prints are traditionally associated with spring, they can def be worn whenever you want to add a pop of color and fun. Floral dresses are 100% on-trend right now and many people wear them year-round. Fall and winter are good times for darker jewel-tone floral prints. Lighter and brighter floral prints look extra fabulous in summer. You can always balance your floral prints with neutral or solid-colored pieces so they don't get too busy. Or if you want to boost your mood with some dopamine dressing techniques wear 2-3 floral pieces simultaneously for some maximalist style.

How to Style a Bold Floral Dress

Let that floral dress be the centerpiece of your #ootd! Choose accessories in muted colors— white sandals or a tan purse to keep the focus on the dress. For a more maximalist approach channel that dopamine dressing trend and add on a brightly colored scarf that matches or contrasts the floral print of your dress. When choosing a necklace go minimal and opt for delicate pieces that won't compete with the bold pattern. For a casual party look pair your floral dress with a classic denim jacket. For an edgy date night look layer on a vegan leather moto jacket.

Floral Print Tops

When heading to work in a floral print top, you can balance that playful feel with more chic pieces like tailored trousers, ponte pants or a pencil skirt. Layer the floral top under a blazer or cardigan for a more traditional office look. If you're somewhere more elevated floral tops work best as your main statement piece— wear them with neutral colors or solids. On the other hand, if you're heading to a party and want to meet new friends you can really flaunt that pattern-mixing trend. Floral on floral print works great when those prints are in complementary colors.