Dolman Sleeve Tops

Dolman Tops for Women

What is a Dolman Sleeve Top?

Dolman sleeve tops are your #ootd’s comfy and casual secret weapon, bringing out the best in all the right places! Inspired by women's 19th-century fashion trends, dolman tops have loose, capelike sleeves that are either short or taper down into fitted cuffs for an intentional and feminine look. A looser fit through the bust meets a more fitted waist that flatters your midsection like a dream! With a range of necklines available, they're the perfect canvas for your favorite long necklaces and printed scarves. Not only do dolman sleeve tops keep you feeling comfy and stylish, but they also give you a boost of confidence that radiates from the moment you slip one on.

Types of Dolman Sleeve Tops

You've probably got a Pinterest-perfect vision of what a dolman sleeve top is, but dolman sleeves aren't just limited to one style! They come on a variety of garments and in different lengths. You can rock a dolman sleeve top no matter the season, whether you're into three-quarter sleeves, short sleeves or the timeless long-sleeve look. They come with casual V and scoop necks for those easygoing moments, cozy turtlenecks when you're all about the snuggles and trendy boat necks that double as an off-the-shoulder option. And the fabrics? Oh, you're more than covered – dolmans are made of everything from snug sweater knits to silky smooth modals. Your mood, your style – embrace it all with our range of dolman sleeve tops!

How to Wear a Dolman Sleeve Top

The unique silhouette of a dolman sleeve top can make it seem tricky to style, but it’s actually a breeze!

  • Balance it out, babe. Pair with skinny jeans or leggings to create a flattering contrast. The fitted bottoms will show off those fab curves while the flowy top adds a touch of relaxed chic.
  • Elevate your office game. Tuck your dolman top into high-waisted trousers or a pencil skirt for a polished, professional look. 
  • Accessorize. Treat your dolman sleeve top as a blank canvas for your accessories to shine. Layer on some necklaces or add a pop of pattern with a scarf.

Our Wantable stylists have shared some great outfit ideas, so check those out to find your fave way to style dolman sleeve tops. New to dolman tops? Our personal stylists can send you some of our best-selling dolmans and other curated pieces to style them with.