Barbiecore Collection

Barbiecore Fashion

What is Barbiecore?

"Barbiecore" is a term takes inspiration from the classic Mattel doll, and is the talk of the internet these days. Even before the hype around Greta Gerwig’s upcoming Barbie film bloomed, the designer Valentino put that classic Barbie pink on the 2022 runway and celebs have been strutting the color ever since. Why Barbie? Well, Barbie is everything! Okay, pretty much literally – she’s a vet, astronaut, mom, teacher and so much more. Barbiecore style embodies confidence and the idea that dreams do come true. It's fun and girly, but still elevated whether you’re at a pool party or in the office.

Barbiecore Pink

It’s hard to think Barbie without thinking pink. The term “Barbie” tends to bring up a very specific color of pink, but Barbiecore style lets you branch out into other pinks and accent colors while still feeling the vibe. Classic Barbie pink is more magenta (or “hot pink”), but all pinks are good to go! Barbie is a bold go-getter, so other bright colors like teal or purple also work. For some of those retro vibes, snag a neon or fluorescent piece here or there – peep Margot Robbie’s roller skating outfit from the upcoming movie for some inspo.

How to Style Barbiecore Outfits

Barbie is a showstopper and Barbiecore outfits channel that main character energy. Think bold – anything that feels larger-than-life. Barbiecore outfits are eye-catching and unapologetic.

  • Think pink. Go all-in and try a monochromatic look or go a bit more subtle with pops of pink.
  • Go bold. The bigger the better! Try sequins, feathers, ruffles and big prints.
  • Mix it up. Add in other bright colors like turquoise or purple or even a hint of neon.

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